Stainsafe and Wickes - Useless Warranty $49.96 gone

Chicago, Illinois 1 comment

Purchased kitchen set from Wickes and Stainsafe warranty. Purchased in October 2006. The set has upholsted chairs and tere are some stains and I wanted to ask what to do. I guess I know. The phone number is not answered, in fact it doesn't even ring.

Now Wickes is gone and so is Stainsafe (I guess) along with my warranty fee.

I thoght I was covered till 2013 not so!

Normally never ever buy an extended warranty but they caught me in a weak moment. This is the last time. Never again. I should have stuck to my policy of no special warranties.



I purchased extended warranty, after being pressured by La-z-boy salesman as it would give "peace of mind".They won't honor warranty even tho the purchase is one their receipt.

"Its Stainsafe, not us".Pathetic business practice and customer service by La-z-boy

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